FlightRadar24.com Station F-CYYZ2
FlightAware.com Station CYYZ

MLAT & ADS-B data collection facility CYYZ & F-CYYZ2
The antennas are mounted on a 45 foot tower, with a total height above mean sea level (AMSL) of 612 feet and an Omnidirectional Range of 500 Km.
The FlightRadar24.com & FlightAware.com ADS-B receivers are installed in the buildings basement, next to where the LMR-400 enters the building.

Radar Coverage Area & 24 hour Air Traffic plot
F-CYYZ2 Collinear 1090 MHz design
More of the antenna build
Wiring it up
Climbing the Tower and Installing the new Antenna !
Contact us at: RADAR (at) ADS-B.ca